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Gage Assemblies

  • We assemble gagecocks to the armored-style level gages at the vessel center to center dimensions requested by customer. At this time, we have the capacity to install end connected level gages.
  • We are capable of adding various gasket materials to level gages, as requested by the customer. *Note: Some gasket materials will de-rate the MAWP of the level gages.
  • We are capable of adding different accessories to the level gages. Such accessories include Illuminators, Frost Proof Ext., flanges, as well as others.

Tubular Glass

  • We currently stock High Pressure & Redline, up to 6ft. long, and Heavywall & Heavywall Redline, up to 4ft. long tubular glass.
  • We are capable of cutting glass to any length required by customer using a Glass saw.
  • We are capable of cutting guard rods for Tubular gages to any length, if required by customer
  • We have the capacity to change internal parts [ex. stem and glass packing materials] in all Penberthy Tubular valves.

Sight Flow Indicators

Jet Pumps/Eductors

We are capable of adding flanges and special connections to jet pumps/eductors.


We are capable of repairing Reflex and Transparent liquid level gages, Boiler level gages, and sight flow indicators.


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